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Kayaking with your dog (Wed Jun 20, 2007)
Can you kayak with your dog? Find out your answers here!

Try-Outs Open for US Surf Kayaking Team (Mon Jan 8, 2007)
The U.S. West Surf Kayaking Association announced the dates and location of the 2007 Team Trial Event. The trial event will be held on Feb. 10 and 11, 2007 at Pico Creek State Beach in San Simeon, CA. Event registration and full details can be downloaded at www.active.com
Florida may require kayaking course (Wed Dec 20, 2006)
I would be interested to hear what our readers think about this article, please email us at kayakingtoday@gmail.com. I think that considering the amount of deaths I have seen this year all over the U.S., a course for safety would be a wonderful idea.
Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay (Thu Dec 14, 2006)
This site has everything you need to know about sea kayaking the bay, from the basics of kayaking to the advanced. It also gives you sea adventure listings as well as land based adventure when you get tired and need to stretch your legs.
(Thu Nov 30, 2006)
Check out the kayaking only 20 minutes from the beautiful city of Vancouver. Vancouverís North Shore has three waterways for prime winter whitewater kayaking: Lynn Creek and the Seymour River, on North Vancouverís east side, and the Capilano. The weather never gets too cold in the Vancouver area, and the whitewater playgrounds do not freeze in the winter.
Northwest Woodsman (Wed Nov 8, 2006)
This is a great site, I really liked the music and the canoeing video. Beautiful scenery of the great Northwest. Discover the sights and sounds that only solitude in the wilds will bring.

Kayaking and Canoeing News

Stock Photos of Canoeing
These are some really beautiful stock photos of canoing. If your looking for some great photos of people canoeing and doing what they love here they are.

( Permalink: Stock Photos of Canoeing      Submitted by Noel Mon May 15, 2006 )

New type of kayaks
A site dedicated to a new, patented type of kayaks. The site offers information, links, photos, videos and articles on various subjects including design, hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, ergonomics, biomechanics, surfing, touring, fishing and recreational paddling.

( Permalink: New type of kayaks      Submitted by Yoav Rosen Fri Apr 21, 2006 )

Book Review: Kayak Surfing
Interesting book review of the book Kayak Surfing. The review says the book has some great photos. Anyone interested in the sport of kayak surfing should check out this book review and book.

( Permalink: Book Review: Kayak Surfing      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 29, 2006 )

Valley Nordkapp - first thoughts
Paddle Log brings us a short review of the Valley Nordkapp.
"The Nordkapp has definitely moved up my shortlist now that I have paddled it but I would like to take one on a longer trip before I decide if it is the boat for me."

( Permalink: Valley Nordkapp - first thoughts      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Robson Charger Test Report
"The large volume and the short length combine to make the Charger seem plump and that it will be very sluggish on the water. But, when you take a closer look, the charger is actually small and high. It has a round form in front and back while the middle is flat bottom with definite edges"

( Permalink: Robson Charger Test Report      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 31, 2004 )

Kingpin Icon, Juice, Nomad
"Dagger has released three new whitewater boats for 2004: a playboat, a river runner, and a creeker. Upgrading their Kingpin series, Dagger took the modular route with its new Kingpin Icon. Featuring a variety of detachable piece, including bow and stern volume "pods" and hull fins, the Icon comes in three sizes.†"

( Permalink: Kingpin Icon, Juice, Nomad      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 20, 2004 )

Women's paddle gear
"Shred Ready Vixen This helmet is designed for women or people with smaller heads and is produced by Shred Ready. It's called the "Vixen". This helmet, like all other Shred Ready helmets, is CE-certified. It's made out of a Shredlar Armid Fiber/ fiberglass composite construction and closed-cell EPP foam. During testing we found this helmet to be very robust. Involuntary contact with rocks left no deep scratches or cracks and provided excellent head protection. The retention system is especially com-mendable. A "riding up" or getting out of place is nearly impossible. The helmet has a high level of adjustability allowing it to fit to every head. Due to its innovative retention system it sits exactly where you want it to, even during a washing in a hole. It is available in traditional or feminine colors, like Glacier, Tangerine, Saphir und Pink."

( Permalink: Women's paddle gear      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 22, 2004 )

NDK Explorer HV
"Mark showed me a butterfly roll, and on the second attempt I managed to roll up. But the hand roll is still a bit away. At almost a foot longer and 2 inches more narrow than the Sirocco, the kayak felt easy to accelerate and I was anxious to take it on a trip. After wearing myself out with bracing and edging I loaded up for home."

( Permalink: NDK Explorer HV      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 16, 2004 )

Synchro Outfitting System
"Pyranha's new "Synchro" outfitting system appears in several of their whitewater boats, so let's cover that first. Pyranha has retained the services of some sports physiotherapists to develop a whole-body approach to kayak outfitting. Special emphasis has been placed on relieving pressure; their philosophy is that you need to have an overall fit, not just a few tight points that get sore as the minutes pass."

( Permalink: Synchro Outfitting System      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 23, 2004 )

Pyranha S:6 Review
"This was where I really fell in love with this boat. The swallowtail seems to actually do something, because in a front surf, this boat carves exceptionally well. For the small waves I had this boat on, all that was needed to start carving the boat across the face was to gently raise one knee or the other. I don't know if I would go so far as to say this boat carves as well as the Tekno, but it definitely has a similar feel - it drives itself. Another interesting aspect to surfing the S:6 is the tendency for the boat to almost go into a blast sometimes without the stern deck being loaded and dragging the boat up the wave. That's just an observation more than anything, but I thought it was interesting.†"

( Permalink: Pyranha S:6 Review      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 22, 2004 )

Liquid Logic Skip and Pop Review
"The Pop and Skip are primarily designed to follow the most recent direction taken by the sport toward aerial moves. To this end, it has a massive planing foot, a considerable amount of rocker in the bow and similar rocker in the stern. Everything necessary to get the explosive bounces necessary for aerial wave moves like the ones those on a skateboard can perform. I found that the feel, the performance and most of the looseness of the design came through intact for me at 170# in both boats. Of course, with the Skip I found that I could throw it around in the flats and in the hole with impunity, the decks loaded more readily, washed off of waves more easily and it got squirrelly in the eddy lines - everything you would expect from a boat designed for a upper weight range of 165#."

( Permalink: Liquid Logic Skip and Pop Review      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 22, 2004 )

Pyranha S6X Images
"Pyranha claims that the S6X can change its dynamics for specific features and paddling styles. However, apparently these images purposely leave something out in that department because the United Kingdom's patent application rules say you can't publish until the patent application has been completely filed. (U.S. rules permit you to apply up to a year after something has become "known", so this must be a difference between the two countries.)"

( Permalink: Pyranha S6X Images      Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 21, 2004 )

MTI / Palm
"Like everyone else, Palm has its own views on breathable fabrics. Its XP200 is the heavier-duty, higher-breathability choice. In my article on Bomber Gear, I described their "2.5 layer" fabric which uses a matrix of raised dots to provide spacing. Palm's XP200 uses the same dot array approach but retains the traditional third layer. Palm's other breathable fabric is their XP70. Its lighter weight puts it nearer the "comfort" end of the spectrum, and farther from the "rugged" end. That's the basic tradeoff in performance fabrics: The more rugged they are, the stiffer and less comfortable they become."

( Permalink: MTI / Palm      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 19, 2004 )

Mountain Surf Sympatex Long-Sleeved DryDeck
"Warm water and warm weather might eliminate the need for a drytop, but a sprayskirt by itself does not provide a dry ride. Most people have a "detent" along their spine, and the skirt's neoprene tunnel bridges across this depression rather than fitting to it. The result is a channel right down your backbone where water can flow directly into the hull. The bottom line is that a sprayskirt and a drytop are both required to achieve a watertight ride, and with them come torso restriction. As an Engineer and an entrepreneur, my natural reaction was to work on a better way."

( Permalink: Mountain Surf Sympatex Long-Sleeved DryDeck      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 19, 2004 )

"Most discussions of serious whitewater paddles do not include the name "Lendal". I'm not sure why. Talk with their staff and review their product line, and you'll find they have a complete array of blades and shafts in the latest space-age materials just like the more well-known manufacturers. They have graphite composite blades, as well as straight and two separate styles of bent shafts. They even make symmetric and asymmetric blades designed and sized specifically for children (something I don't see duplicated by other companies)."

( Permalink: Paddles      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 18, 2004 )

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