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 Kayaking and Radios

"The storm hit shortly after we got into the van. The water was whipped into a froth, and dust in the parking lot was turned into a stinging cloud. We watched more than 30 powerboats try to get into the dock at the same time. Boaters we talked to later that day described how the thunderstorm caught them unawares, sweeping suddenly across the river with winds gusting to 40 mph. At the peak of the melee came a wall of rain—a torrential downpour that soaked the dust into slippery mud. Ezzie and I were dry and cozy on the way back to our campsite. Our handheld ham radio had picked up the weather alert in spite of the thick trees and steep hills surrounding Pequea Creek and had allowed us to avoid the difficult situation so many other boaters had been caught up in. "

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 23, 2004 )

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